Monster Mind
"The monsters offer comfort.  The nightmare is my home.  Where many would be scared, I find I’m not alone.  The shadows that surround, do not engage my fright.  Where most long for the day, I embrace the night.  What many think is normal, is what scares me most.  Not vampires or werewolves.  Not even witches or ghosts.  I find it fascinating, eccentric and unique, but most would find it strange, and say that I’m a freak.  I still love the spooky, the creepy and the weird.  What most find terrifying,  and are considered feared.  But who’s to say what’s normal?  Who’s to say what’s sane?  It’s my imagination, the world inside my brain.  The goblins and the ghouls, the zombies and the fiend, cavort within my morbid mind, like a sick and twisted dream.  That’s what makes this monster grin, make no obfuscation, this dark and gloomy soul of mind.  My macabre imagination." 
- The Mandi Monster -
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